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We make complex things simple.

Clutch provides high-quality information technology professional services.

Working with the Federal Government and the private sector for over 23 years builds the experience to design and develop low-risk and outstanding value in all our core capability areas — frequently exceeding expectations.

Talk to us about your next project and experience the difference that comes with working with a team of experts dedicated to simplifying complex problems.

We provide services to our clients that produce results.

From ongoing long-term projects for the federal government and commercial entities to short-term fast prototyping and R&D to meet intelligence community and national security needs, we have the personnel to serve.

  • Web Design and Application Development
  • Database Architecture and Administration
  • Planning and Analysis
  • Content Strategy and Information Architecture
  • 508 Compliance
  • Usability Studies
  • Content Management Systems
  • Social Media Solutions
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Systems Architecture and Engineering
  • System Continuity Planning and Implementation
  • Systems and Data Integration
  • Information and Systems Security
  • Security and Authentication
  • Electronic and Embedded System Prototyping
  • High-level C/C++ Firmware
  • PCB Layout, Design, Production, BOM Optimization
  • Mechanical Integration
  • Highly Optimized Assembly Coding

Web Design and Application Development

Elevate your online presence with stunning web design and enhance user experience through expert application development.

Database Architecture and Administration

Ensure efficient database management and administration with robust architecture and seamless maintenance.

Planning and Analysis

Make informed decisions and drive success with meticulous planning and thorough analysis of your business goals.

Content Strategy and Information Architecture

Develop a compelling content strategy and create intuitive information architecture to engage your audience effectively.

508 Compliance

Ensure accessibility for all users with 508 compliance, meeting the highest standards of web accessibility.

Usability Studies

Gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize your digital experiences through comprehensive usability studies.

Content Management Systems

Streamline your content management process and efficiently manage your website with advanced content management systems.

Social Media Solutions

Maximize your brand's reach and engagement with tailored social media solutions that connect you with your target audience.

Operations and Maintenance

Ensure smooth operations and consistent performance with reliable maintenance and support services.

Systems Architecture and Engineering

Design and build scalable systems with robust architecture and engineering expertise to meet your business needs.

System Continuity Planning and Implementation

Safeguard your systems against disruptions and ensure seamless operations with comprehensive system continuity planning and implementation.

Systems and Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate your systems and data sources to enable efficient information flow and data-driven decision-making.

Information and Systems Security

Protect your sensitive information and systems from cyber threats with advanced security measures and comprehensive security strategies.

Security and Authentication

Enhance security and protect user data with reliable single-sign-on and multi-factor authentication solutions.

Electronic and Embedded System Prototyping

Bring your innovative ideas to life with electronic and embedded system prototyping, leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

High-level C/C++ Firmware

Develop high-performance firmware using high-level C/C++ programming for efficient and optimized system operations.

PCB Layout, Design, Production, BOM Optimization

Get professional assistance with PCB layout, design, production, and optimization of Bill of Materials (BOM) for seamless electronic product development.

Mechanical Integration

Seamlessly integrate mechanical components into your systems for a cohesive and functional product design.

Highly Optimized Assembly Coding

Optimize your software performance with highly efficient assembly coding for faster execution and resource utilization.

Our past experience speaks volumes.

Clutch builds relationships that nurture an invested deep understanding of the complex requirements of all stakeholders, and we excel at designing solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. This results in continuity and stability in system life cycles.

  • 20+ years at the Department of Homeland Security’s components and other federal agencies
  • U.S. Intelligence Community
  • State of Maryland
  • State of Utah
  • Associations and Universities
  • Commercial Medium/Large Business, Fortune 100

Clutch respects the privacy of our clients and many of our projects are sensitive. As a result, our case studies below are anonymous.

The Federal government mandated a common identification and authentication standard for all Federal employees and contractors. Our federal government client needed to comply.

Knowing that username and password combinations alone are outdated and inadequate for protecting sensitive information and identities, we implemented a two-factor authentication system that complies with FIPS 201 and utilizes Federally-issued PIV cards.

This system allows the customer to authenticate user sessions across several high-profile Federal information systems resulting in enhanced security while protecting personal privacy.

A mid-sized university needed a web-based course delivery tool to provide students and healthcare providers with access to lectures, course materials, tests, discussions, and other information — especially in rural and remote locations.

We created a custom learning management system to allow for the distribution of important healthcare learning content. In addition to a multi-tiered registration, access, and tracking system, we provided an area for students to access content and interact with fellow students and professors while also creating a ‘sense of place’ to simulate an on-site college experience.

This learning management system equips healthcare providers with the information necessary to improve health outcomes, especially in rural and remote areas.

A public utility needed a better way to track orders, new construction, projects, and inspections.

Consulting with the customer required unraveling age-old processes that involved multiple spreadsheets, handwritten orders, faxes, and other documents.

In the end, we created a web-based system for various team members to enter information, receive payment, and successfully track projects from initial concept to completion.

A university wanted to create an easier way to distribute and track assets provided to students.

At the beginning of each semester, hundreds of students would wait in long lines for their assigned laptops and tablets. The existing delivery system was driven by spreadsheets and an outdated database. This resulted in a cumbersome and lengthy enrollment process requiring administrators to manually upload data into the university’s asset management system.

We created a tablet-friendly web application with card scanners to handle this task in less than ¼ of the time while ensuring assets are synchronized between their disparate systems automatically.

We can simplify anything — tell us how we can help.

What makes us unique?

Mature yet agile IT professional services company comprised of senior-level professionals.

Easy to work with and able to help you make the right technology decisions to advance your mission.

Our work speaks for itself with over 20 years of continuous working at at the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies.

Work with intelligent people.

If you have a unique point of view — let’s talk.

In a market where turnover rates for contractors are alarmingly high, we have retained many of our contracts and team members for over two decades — a testament to our culture.

Be a part of something big. If you are smart, creative, and up for any challenge — we want to meet you. Our team is incredibly excited about what we do. A career here translates into continual opportunities to expand your talents as we help our clients become high-performance business (and government) machines.