We make complex things simple.

A Large Corporation needed a telecommunications management system to support a Federal Government customer. Clutch created a hybrid web-based/client-server system to replace their manual provisioning processes… Over ten years ago. Today, we are re-engineering those very same systems to last another 10 years—and incorporating industry best practices like SOA to allow interoperability.

A Federal Government Agency had several high-traffic websites to manage—each generating many gigabytes of log files a day. They couldn’t “see” what their users were doing, nor could they plan for the future. We built a four-server, multi-terabyte WebTrends analysis cluster to give them the tools and data needed to make operational decisions—while fully complying with Federal privacy directives.

An Industrial Manufacturer was experiencing hard drive trouble with a piece of equipment. The vendor wanted an extraordinary sum for a replacement pre-loaded with their proprietary software, in addition to the cost of a service call to install it. We imaged the failing drive to a widely available commercial unit—and saved our customer thousands in needless expenses, and countless hours of downtime.

A Federal Government Security Operations Center needed an agency-wide solution to locate and identify system vulnerabilities. Manual subnet sweeps were time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. We placed distributed scanning nodes throughout their networks—then built a self-serve portal that can autonomously initiate scans and report findings to security managers and system owners.

An Organization needed a collaboration tool to engage a closed community of government and private-sector constituents. Clutch piloted a SharePoint implementation that quickly encompassed over 1600 members—but managing user credentials was daunting. We implemented a custom solution to allow invited users to sign up and self-manage their accounts—dramatically lowering staff involvement.

A Federal Government Agency had two standalone applications used to manage their emergency training operations. The systems were inter-related, but couldn’t share data due to organizational boundaries—its users couldn’t see the big picture. We salvaged the original source code, merged them and mitigated the conflict—increasing efficiencies and saving on additional development costs.

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